Thursday, April 26, 2007

{holding breath}

Dear Editors,

During the day, I am a high school English teacher, but in the quiet moments in between, I write poetry--in the creases of my hands, in the margins of my students' papers, in a notebook kept surreptitiously tucked under my arm. I hope to one day revive and live out the dream of attending an MFA program, though for now, I will keep that mortgage afloat.

Things that have been haunting me in recent poetry: my grandfather's battle with Alzheimer's, honeybees, and the geography of overcoming. I am getting married in the summer, so for now the "K" is part of my pen name, though I plan to make it permanent come August.

Enclosed you will find several poems for your consideration, including a ghazal to appease your hungry need for this unique form and two run of the mill free verse poems.

Thank you,

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