Monday, February 25, 2008

#2 + #3 + #4

#2 came on a Tuesday. A message on my machine from Goddard, a low-res program in Vermont.

#3 came at noontime today. I spoke with the director on the phone of Vermont College, which is listed on Atlantic Monthly's top five low-res programs list.

#4 came this afternoon, a message from the new director at New England College in New Hampshire.

These last three are all low-res programs, with Emerson (in Boston) being the only full residency thus far. I applied to half low-res and half regular; we shall see what the fates bring us.

Still a good many applications out. Still a good long time for hair-pulling and forum-obsessing. Fingers crossed. At my bookbinding class last week I was able to say, "Next school year I will begin my MFA." It's true. I have options, cards on the table.

Monday, February 11, 2008


- Two poems, "Blood Test" and "What I Won't Say" are up on La Fovea

- Several of my photographs have been published on the Poetry Foundation's blog from the Palm Beach Poetry Festival

- This weekend I received an acceptance packet from Emerson, my first response from the MFA programs.

Sixteen programs to hear from:
- UC-Irvine
- Cornell
- U of MN
- U of MI
- U of MT
- U of Iowa
- Emerson (official acceptance)
- Syracuse
- Florida State University

- Bennington
- Warren Wilson
- Vermont College of Fine Arts
- Goddard College
- University of Alaska Anchorage
- University of Southern Maine
- Pacific University
- Antioch
- New England College

And three other programs to which I've applied, non-degree associated:
- spring Writer-to-Writer workshop with Sherry Quan Lee called "Bookingmaking: Writing to Save Your Life"
- Squaw Valley
- BreadLoaf