Tuesday, December 11, 2007

telling lies

In Nin Andrews' Sleeping With Houdini*, a collection of prose poems, she wrote of an interview with a famous poet, where the poet confesses that he thinks of lies when he writes poems.

"Lie beautifully," she writes. "Lie convincingly. Lie. And then he did tell me his secret. The secret of the beautiful lie."

Writing poetry is a bit like telling lies. Even the confessional poems. We take the truth and bend it a bit, take poetic license, tell lies. It's the only way I can get away with it sometimes.

I've decided to try telling lies here, just for daily practice, for the beauty of art.

* This is my second review. I enjoyed writing the first so much, I thought I would give it another go.


early hours of sky said...

I have too many books I want to read and now I am adding this to the list.

Oh and do happen to have in your notes from summer all the books Carolyn said we should read. I can't seem to find that list though I did get THE BOOK OF QUESTIONS and I know that was one of them.

Could you email me at artmpower@hotmail.com if you have a list.

akash said...

I am inspired...